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Project Prioritization Management

Project Portfolio Management (PPM) is the centralized management of the processes, methods, and technologies used by project managers and project management offices (PMOs) to analyze and collectively manage current or proposed projects based on numerous key characteristics. The objectives of PPM are to determine the optimal resource mix for delivery and to schedule activities to best achieve an organization’s operational and financial goals, while honouring constraints imposed by customers, strategic objectives, or external real-world factors.

Project Portfolio Management

The ITS project portfolio lists active, planned, and completed projects. Active projects are updated monthly.

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Project Management

Learn how to use Team Dynamix to mange your projects, from start to close.

Resource Management

Resource managers can confidently create resources plans and request resources support. Through the application, managers can quickly see which resources are available, which are busy, and where they’re spending their time. Easily assign resources to tasks, and pull reports on usage and availability.

Team Dynamix Management

How to use Team Dynamix applications and features